Interior Design Basic Rules

1. Height always adds to an impression of space
2. People Crave for views regardless of what they are viewing
3. Lots of glass equals lots of space and light
4. The biggest luxury is a view
5. In the past, people put drapes on windows to block all light but in the 20th century they want light pouring in because it is good for the health



6. Floor bounce back sound and light better than carpet
7. Floor maximize the feeling of light and space
8. The direction of the flooring can have an impact
9. Diagonal Flooring increases the feeling of width


10. Vertical lines accentuate the length and depth, they draw the eyes upward increasing the feeling of height


11. Horizontal line like the colors below the day deck bring the height down but increases the feeling width


Other Tricks of Interior Design


Strong Colors that come forward to greet the eye on short walls decrease the depth but increases the width of the room



12. Do not use carpet for a dimly lit room 



13. Matte-scatters light in all directions
14. Glossy-bounce back the light back to the ceiling



15. The way your room faces is a big consideration
16. East and north facing rooms get less sunlight, they tend to be darker and colder



17. They need bright and warm and color pallets 



18. South and west facing rooms get more sunlight they should have cooler colors
19. Cool blues are good for hot places but too depressing for cold places