Basic Guiding Rules In Choosing Wallpaper

A. Wallpapers has the ability to cover dodgy proportion right means you no longer see your low ceiling or your short wall



B.Three types of patterns

2. Geometric

3. Naturalistic

C. Wallpapers camouflage imperfection on the wall
D. In the past ,the more patterns there were in your house, the richer you were
E. Patterns is usually the first thing we see when we enter a room
F. The eye is always skiing out stimulation. Patterns act as eye magnets for your mind to explore or to get interest from it
G. Science proves that we need certain level of visual stimulation at a very young age


H. There should be something in common
I. Family resemblance everything should have a relationship each other
J. Scale and proportion small prints for small rooms and large prints for large rooms
K. As much as possible, be discreet and polite